DaChat With Kamar Lima-”Meet The Youngest CEO In Nigeria, 16 Year Old Anthonia”

On today’s episode on DaChat With Kamar Lima, we’re hosting a great personality! Miss Edo Orevaoghene Anthonia, a 200 level student of Microbiology of Bingham University. Anthonia is only 16 but she is the proud CEO of VENA MODEL MANAGEMENT, a registered modelling management agency which houses over 32 models. She started VENA MODELLING on June 21st 2017 but has achieved very much in a little time courtesy hard work and determination.


Edo Orevaoghene Anthonia, was born on the 1st of October 2000 and is the only daughter of her parents. A native of Delta State, Nigeria. Aside from being a model, Anthonia is also a dancer and performing artist. She’s currently studying microbiology in Bingham University, Nigeria.

The MV team was able to meet up with her and have her on this episode of DaChat With Kamar Lima, in this tell all interview she tells us more about her insight as a model manager and also the youngest CEO in Nigeria…

MIDASVIBE: What inspired you to go into modeling and start yo own agency?
Anthonia: I have passion for it though got inspired by photoshoots usually done in my sch so I thought it out a cool idea starting up an agency
MIDASVIBE: How many models do you have signed to your agency?
Anthonia: I have 33 models now
MIDASVIBE: That’s quite a large number, how do yo feel having achieved this much at a young age? Having 33 models in your own agency age 16?
Anthonia: I feel having 33models is all by hard work at 16yrs…Hardwork makes out success
MIDASVIBE: Tell us about your education: Have yo attended any model management course?
Anthonia: Yes I have
MIDASVIBE: Tell us about it
Anthonia:  I attended business in modeling recently and also a seminar, hoping to go for more as time goes on. No Knowledge is wasted.
MIDASVIBE: What do yo aim to achieve in yo modelling agency
Anthonia: Been a guide to my models and having modeling contracts
MIDASVIBE: Will your models model any kind of clothing?
Anthonia: Nopw, the clothing depend on the kind of shoot
MIDASVIBE: Ok…that will be all for now thank yo for Having our time, we hope to host you some other time….

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