DaChat With Kamar Lima: Unveiling Arin, The New Face Of Contemporary Indigenous Music

So it’s been a while we had a guest on DaChat With Kamar Lima, but today we’re honoured to have a very talented guest, Like this guy is an Architect and Music Artist. Picture that? If you think you can’t mix your proffession with Music then Arin will change your mind. I for one was privileged to hear from some of the works on his upcoming project and his music dexterity is beyond comparison, get to know the music architect Mvibers!!!

1. Midasvibe: Hello Arin, how are you today?

Arin: Am all good mhehn, bless God.


2.Midasvibe: So, what are your full names and when/where were you born?

Arin: Aii, that’s sort of a tricky question cos I have got a lot of names, but I will just drop olla them head straight. Officially or rather in school, I used and till date use Joshua, Izang Peter but casually I am known with my tribal name ARIN. I mean it’s the one name all my friends, folks and relative call me except for my mom who refers to me as Enoh.

B I was born on the 27th of April right here on the Plateau a couple of years back mhehn, nah mean?


  1. Midasvibe: How was growing up for little (Your real name)? Did have any challenges?

Arin: Well, I’d say I have had the opportunity to experience one of the most interesting childhood anyone could have. I come from a family of 9 and with such number mhehn you get to know and enjoy different interesting personalities. I could say that there was hardly any boring time in my life but the thing is that I personally was more of an introvert, scarcely talk, hardly had friends and I had difficulty mingling with my peers. So when I hear people discussing about how fun their childhood was, based on the things they did and so on, I really just envy them. But thank God for my siblings and dear friends I met especially when I went to a boarding school, I am a totally different and open person.


  1. Midasvibe: Where did you school? And what did you study?

Arin:: I attended Zion Independent Baptist High School for my Junior Secondary School Education, Federal Government College, and Jos for my Senior Secondary School Education, after which I studied Architecture at the University of Jos.  


  1. Midasvibe: How did music start for you?

Arin: I am officially starting music this year, but I’ve always been a part and a great fan of good music from church Choir especially and with close friends of mine that are mostly affiliated with music. I started writing and recording alongside learning series of musical instruments 2013/2014. And I started performing my songs in 2015, still I was only doing it for the fun, attention and for the fact that I was good at writing plus a lot of people loved my style of music and so I decided it would not hurt me to continue. Now it’s more than fun for me I have a direction that am focusing on especially towards general human relationship, love, neglect, hard work, friendship, morality, religion, responsibilities and patriotism. I believe that for me, music is a calling and not just a talent and it has been my driving force and has shaped me into Arin (a musical act).


  1. Midasvibe: How did you come up with the stage name Arin?

Arin: Arin is actually my tribal name from the Afizere people Of Jos plateau State, Nigeria and it means a hunter that never misses his target (A MARKSMAN), I decided to use it because I love the meaning of the name for one, I want to identify with my root you know, wherever I go and for whatever height I attain in life, plus am trying to push through and become a household name to prove that anybody from any societal class even with a local name as ‘Arin’ could make a difference in whatever field of work.


  1. Midasvibe: Do you remember your first performance? How was it?

Arin: Yeah yeah yeah, of course man, it’s still so fresh in my mind. I remember it was at a show organized by a Dj friend of mine (Rex) in 2014, i was so tensed and scared all through the waiting period before my performance especially when I noticed that the crowd knew almost all the performing acts and grinded more with the rap artists and I was the alien in the midst of all of this. the thing was that I had just recorded my first song (where is the light) and I was not still sure that I was going to do music you know, plus my own jam was R&B, so I did not know what to expect or how to even deliver the song cos I was only a song writer turned singer and now I had to perform too? But thank God for my first performance cos it went great I mean, people kept calling especially to holla and ask on the link to download the song. That’s it.


8.Midasvibe: So Arin, what have you been up to recently? What has been keeping you busy?

Arin: Well… I have been working on an E.P. titled still her ex (S.H.E.) Set to drop for this March ending. It has been on my mind, sapping all of time, attention and resources. Shout out to my team mhehn [Teaphixx (graphics designer), Kukky (photographer), Doris Peter (Manager), Yaxie (Producer), Joeheman (blogger and promoter) and lots more. they basically inspire me to continue else I would not be here today.


  1. Midasvibe: Do you have any other investments aside from your music?

Arin: Yes of course I do… am an Architect I invest in my architectural design software’s, and I work presently with Ophire Builders and co., I’m also a graphic designer and presently working on being an entrepreneur.


  1. Midasvibe: What are the major challenges you face as a music artiste?

Arin: The major challenges I face as a music artist I’d say is promotion. you know people don’t get to value what you do especially when there are a lots of people doing the same thing, so you either put in extra effort or force it down their throat and to be able to that you need mad promotion else you just wait for a miracle or be an upcoming artist till you decide music might not be your calling after all nahmean. But promotion costs a lot more than writing and recording all together mhehn, it’s a different ball game all together and a necessity, that’s if you want your music to mean something at least.


11.Midasvibe:  What’s your regular routine before a stage performance?

Arin: After my regular rehearsals I pray, breathe in and out especially when am tense after which I kick it in.


12.Midasvibe:  Do you play any instruments?

Arin: Pea I play the guitar, the keyboard, flute and violin.

13.Midasvibe: For someone who sings a lot of love songs, what are your views on love and relationships? And would you call yourself a very romantic person?

Ans. I believe in God, I believe in love, I believe that God is love and anybody that will sincerely love should understand that we do not worth love but love came through for us. I understand that a lot of people define love differently, especially from different experiences and mostly it’s ok but we have a standard one whom I believe in with all of my heart cos it says that I am not perfect and I might not merit it but it has been bestowed on me to stay forever. I see love and relationship beyond just emotional attachment, it is me knowing that my partner is nowhere close to perfect and might never be but I have chosen her to be with her even at times when the feeling of Romance fades away and when I believe she does not deserve it.

  1. my lady says I am romantic so I’ll say yes.


14.Midasvibe: What can we not run into Arin wearing?

Arin: For now dreads, a skin cut, skirt or anything that’s feminine.


15.Midasvibe: Do you think you’re a fashion conscious person?

Arin: Yes of course I believe that my appearance speaks a lot about me, so I take my time you know to dress and address eerthing especially about my appearance.  

16.Midasvibe: Most expensive possession?

Arin: Am yet to own those mhen… but for now, my most expensive possession right now are my ideas mhehn.


17.Midasvibe: Best Musician?

Arin: I really don’t have a best musician per say, but I could give you a list of artists whose arts I hold dear to my heart. Artists like Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Simi, Tubaba, Tekno, Asa, Aramide, Tkcleff, Wizkid, Jeremiah Gyang, M.I. etc.


18.Midasvibe: Does Arin have someone that he loves and loves him back?

Arin: Yes o ah do.


19.Midasvibe: What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone you love?

Arin: I don’t know fa walahi, and my lady says am very romantic I believe am going to redirect this question to her and get back to you. yeah…I think it was one night when I rode on a bicycle  to see my lady, I mean it was really risky but mehn..In as much as I couldn’t believe myself, I was happy I did it for her and she was more than exited.


20.Midasvibe: Give us a breakdown into the normal life of Arin.

Arin: My normal life is engulfed in either work or fun. You’ll always find me working on music, on Architectural designs, building construction, or out with my friends chilling you know. There’s really no boring moment for me.


21.Midasvibe: What do you do when you’re not working on music?

Arin: When I’m not working on music, I’d probably be out with my family and friends having fun you know or my PC designing, or at a site supervising a building construction.


  1. Midasvibe:. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing for a living?

Arin:  I am an Architect and I’ll continue to be one, I also have been working on starting a business, so I have these to keep me grinding for life.


23.Midasvibe: Who would you want to work with locally and internationally?

Arin: For producer I’d still love to Continue working with Yaxie, at all levels. but other producers I’d luv to input on my work locally I’d say Don Jazzy, Tekno, Young John, and legendary Beats. Internationally, I’d like to work with David Guetta, Jon Bellion Martin Garrix, and No Id. etc. For Artists, locally I’d like a song with Asa, Tubaba, Wizkid,Ycee and Timi Dakolo. Internationally I’d like to work with Sarkodie, Soweto Gospel Choir, Jidenna, Akon, Mary J. Blige, Sia, Dua Lipa, and Kendrick Lamar and so on.


24.Midasvibe: What’s your favorite song by yourself?

Arin: My favorite song by me is ’In My Head’


25.Midasvibe: How does it feel working with Yaxie?

Arin: Working with Yaxie is the best thing that has happened to me especially musically, he understands me and connects to my art like nobody does. The amazing thing is that he does not just produce me, he manages and contributes to my art, tells me what I need to know about the art, market. He is also my friend who contributes a lot to my personal life and I am grateful to God especially for him. Working with Yaxie is a blast.


26.Midasvibe: How would you describe your personality, Arin?

Arin: Well I believe that am a fun to be around kinda person, I believe in work before pleasure sha cos when am grinding, I don’t let work interfere nahmean? Plus I love to see people happy and so I do my best to lighten the people around me. I love to be happy.


27.Midasvibe: What are you addicted to? What would you say you can’t do without?

Arin: I am addicted to love mhehn, giving and receiving it you know. It is that one thing that I cannot do without.


28.Midasvibe: Share with us your most embarrassing moment?

Arin: Well… there was this Sunday that I had prepared for a song special in my church, I had spent days rehearsing and finally the moment came when I was called upon to minister I went to the alter, connected my guitar, adjusted the mic stand only to be faced with the fact that i had forgotten the song in front of a whole congregation, walai I did not remember anything ne fa and I just had to go out of the Church and Straightaway home.


29.Midasvibe: What are your happiest moment?

Arin: until date, my happiest moment is the day I said yes to Jesus mhehn, the Day I decided to be a Christian.


30.Midasvibe: Looking ahead, what should we be expecting from Arin anytime soon?

Arin: I have a project titled Still Her Ex (S.H.E.) set to drop by the end of March and I bet you that every song in that E.P is an all-time hit, another project is set for April with a title am not allowed to unveil yet but it also is a blast. Kudos to team Arin of which am humbled to be a part of.  

Shout out to all my family, friends and Fans mhehn, you should know that by God’s grace you all inspire me and I owe olla dis to you.

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