PLEASE HELP! I Allowed The Devil Into My Home

Recently I have been feeling so Hot after I stopped my baby from breastfeeding.

My hubby tries his own possible way to satisfy me but after the sex I will still masturbate to pleasure myself cause I will be fantasizing about someone going down on me with their tongue (I have never experienced that in my entire life) my hubby doesn’t do that.

This has made to fantasize about other guys giving me the pleasure I need, i went as far as searching the internet for gigolos and having this fantasy with them on my mind.

This is crazy, I even contacted one and we fixed a date (he promised to go down on me really hot with his tongue) but I bluffed it cause I really don’t have the courage to cheat on my hubby though I have cheated on him a million times on my head.

I can’t even imagine doing it physically but the thought is always on my head. I need to stop this and the frequent masturbation before it ruins me.

I need all the advices including insults, maybe the insults will reset my head. I am 32 years with four kids. Thank you

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